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A Closer Look at Poliform Kitchen Cabinetry in Wildlands

By Taylor Owens

Studio Como, a design haven with a rich history dating back to 2004, has carved a niche for itself in the world of luxury interiors. Studio Como proudly represents Poliform, a prominent Italian brand that has become synonymous with sophisticated and modern home furnishings. Installed in the recently unveiled Wildlands project in Bozeman’s northeast neighborhood, Poliform kitchen cabinetry adds to the long-lasting and sustainable features of each unit in this new development.

Poliform, a distinguished Italian brand boasting an over 70-year brand legacy, stands as a testament to the enduring craftsmanship of family-owned businesses. Unlike many contemporaries that evolved into corporations, Poliform has retained its familial touch, influencing its commitment to meticulous design, material research, and delivering products of unparalleled quality. 

“Poliform is still a family-owned company,” Laura Folgoni, design director at Studio Como, said. “This has so many positive repercussions on several levels: the consistent investment into innovation of technologies and materials; in the design of their systems and furniture; and the common vision and goals of the owners to continue delivering a very good product.”

Poliform was founded in 1970 by Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli, and Giovanni Anzani on the backbone of a small artisan furniture shop in Italy. Today, the Poliform brand is synonymous with luxury, sophistication and quality. Poliform’s numerous lines include systems and furnishings for the whole house: bookcases, wall and media systems, walk-in closets, wardrobes, beds, sofas, armchairs, and kitchen cabinetry. 

Studio Como, deriving its name from the Italian region of Como, has a living showroom located in downtown Bozeman’s Mill District. A high-quality furniture and design firm, Studio Como imports the majority of its products from the Lombardy region, nestled near Milan, which has historically been an epicenter for furniture production in Italy. 

“Poliform is one of the many Italian brands that we represent,” Folgoni said. “The majority of these brands really come from a small area in the Lombardy region, which is in the north, close to Milan, which is called Como. The name of Studio Como comes from that.”

Studio Como’s foray into Montana was driven by a shared love for the mountains and a vision to redefine luxury living in the region. Their living showroom in Bozeman serves as a testament to their dedication to bringing world-class design closer to home. 

“It’s an apartment in Bozeman currently,” Folgoni said. “It’s something that we allow customers or designers to go in and actually see. That’s how we promoted some of our kitchens. People go in, can experience the full 360 collection—not just for Poliform, but other brands. But it also gives a very nice idea of the aesthetic that we follow with our brands.”

Montana, a land of rugged beauty and untamed wilderness, may not typically be associated with sleek Italian design. However, Studio Como has found a niche here in Bozeman, a place with ever-changing style. Through their collaboration with Poliform, touches of contemporary elegance are brought to Montana’s homes, particularly in the new Wildlands units. 

“There’s a bigger push to accept modern design, modern architecture, modern interiors, which is something that we can easily manage with Poliform products,” Folgoni said. “But there’s also often an interesting juxtaposition between putting a super clean minimalist kitchen into a home that maybe isn’t designed that way in the rest of the space. We don’t try to match the Montana style because it’s not our DNA, but also every style goes according to everybody’s lifestyle. So people nowadays, they live a modern lifestyle. So, it’s a much more functional design, easier design to keep and to incorporate.”

The incorporation of Poliform kitchen cabinetry into the Wildlands units marks a significant milestone. While Studio Como has previously undertaken projects in Big Sky and Jackson Hole, the Wildlands project in Bozeman represents their first venture into multi-unit developments in the area. 

“I think that Poliform design has a very homey and cozy kind of feeling for a kitchen,” Folgoni said. “It can be very elegant, but it’s very young, it’s very dynamic, it’s very practical, functional and perfect for Montana style. This is why our clients really, really like getting their homes outfitted with Poliform.”

The addition of Poliform kitchen cabinetry in Wildlands units exemplifies a new step toward design-conscious living in Montana—a blend of modernity, sustainability and timeless style. 

“A lot of it has to do first with the production side of things and how the factories are run, material sourcing,” Matthew Smith, Poliform’s tech and designer, said. “Within specifically the cabinetry itself, the recyclable aluminum, a lot of parts in the cabinetry. When we’re using metals or a lot of aluminum extrusions, the cabinet boxes themselves are of the highest rating level for waterproofing, which of course leads to a cabinet that gets 20, 30, 40 years of use without any damage or issues.”

Poliform as a brand is committed to operating responsibly in every aspect of the business, whether it is environmental responsibility or excellence in the production chain. When it comes to the products, raw materials like wood are 100% natural and recyclable, and they come with an FCS certification that guarantees the origin of the wood is from responsibly managed forests and the sustainability of the entire supply chain. This thoughtfulness extends to all materials such as metals, fabrics and chemicals in their products.

Poliform kitchen cabinetry in Wildlands units not only marks a significant milestone for Studio Como in the Bozeman area, but also represents strides towards design-conscious living in the region. By including the Poliform brand in Wildlands, Outlaw Real Estate Partners and Outlaw Realty continue to solidify their commitment to elevating the standard of luxury living in the Gallatin Valley.