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Cozy Interior Comforts

Warm your soul through the long winter months

By Kate Hull

Lightning and interior paint can go a long way in making your home feel cozier. Warmer colors, such as yellows, oranges and reds, paired with a lamp with warm tones, will keep you warm no matter how low the temperatures drop. PHOTOS BY MIRA BRODY

As the winter weather beckons us indoors—after those glorious powder days on the slopes, of course—the home front becomes our cozy oasis, and with just a few simple additions, you can transform your space into an extra warming winter retreat worthy of respite. 

“In the winter, we tend to just spend more time in our homes,” says Erika Jennings. “Blankets and pillows and cozy things around are key.”

Jennings is the owner of Erika & Co, a four-person design team located in Big Sky. “We are small and very personal,” she says. “We work personally and hand-in-hand with all of our clients and are also really relaxed. That is my whole goal, to make people feel comfortable in their homes.”

With relaxation in mind, Jennings lends her expertise with tips and simple solutions for upping your comfort level this season. 

Create a Mood

To add an extra dose of cozy to your space and create a soothing mood, Jennings recommends leaning into lighting. 

Whether you’re staying in for game night, a movie, reading a book or tucking into bed, layering blankets, throw pillows and lighting a candle can help provide warmth both for your body as well as visually in your home. A mug of tea also helps. PHOTOS BY MIRA BRODY

“I have always been the one in my family who turns off the overhead lights that are glaring when it is dark in the winter,” she says. “I love to set the scene at night with lamps all over with different heights and glows.”

Turn off bright overhead lighting and settle into the calming glow of floor lamps placed throughout your space, particularly in the living room and bedrooms. Choose a variety of different sizes and a degree of glows to fit your lighting needs and atmosphere. “We offer lamps from Wayfair all the way to really high-end companies like Arteriors,” Jennings says. “You can add lamps successfully on a budget or make one a real focal point.” But no matter the budget, the result is the same: Creating a cozy mood perfect for tucking into the couch by a roaring fire and savoring the season. 

All About Layers 

Adding texture with extra layers is a simple way to welcome the winter season. For Jennings, this means switching out her bedding to match the season. “It can be fun to switch out your bedding and use something that is a little bit cozier and a little softer,” she says. 


Jennings recommends starting with a great coverlet that gives a little pop, then adding a nice crisp and cozy duvet with a duvet cover, and finally a soft blanket in your favorite texture and style.

“We use a company called Fabulous Furs that are faux fur and so soft, you just want to wear it as your clothing,” she says.

Whether you choose to opt for different bedding or add more blankets, layers of all different textures and styles like pillows, faux furs blankets, and throws are a wonderful way to welcome winter in your space.

Nix the cool colors

As the temperatures drop and the wood stove cranks up the heat, opt for warm colors like yellows, reds and oranges. “In the winter, cool colors are less welcoming,” she says. Keep in mind having a more neutral background in your home, so simple switches with cool to warm accessories like kitchen tools and accent pillows will easily translate to the space. For art lovers, switch up your focal pieces to ones with a warmer palette.

“Maybe now you are bringing your orange teapot back onto the stovetop or adding warm blankets in the living room,” Jennings says. “Small things and accessories are huge. Then come summertime, you can add back in a bluer piece of art or your turquoise bowls.”

Extra Warmth

From faux bearskin rugs to scented candles, try adding a few of these items to your home to keep your body and soul toasty this winter. PHOTO BY MIRA BRODY

There’s something relaxing about the atmosphere a lit candle creates. Place candles in a variety of heights and in your favorite scent for the season throughout rooms you frequent. The soft, warm glow of a candle is the perfect way to start your morning while sipping a cup of coffee or a relaxing way to close out the day.

“Candles are huge for me,” says Jennings. “I always come home and light a candle. Similar to lighting, it is that warm glow coming off the candle that just calms me down a bit. There is something about it that gives you the sense of a spa even though I am doing dishes.”

Now, bring on the snow!