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Every Stay is a Return to Home 

Elevate your next Big Sky stay with Ascend Properties

By Taylor Owens

Experience a new standard in luxury property management with Ascend Properties in Big Sky. Ascend offers personalized, boutique-level services tailored to meet the unique needs of each guest and property owner. Whether you’re a visitor looking for an unforgettable getaway or an owner looking for the highest quality management in Big Sky, Ascend Properties delivers by making every trip to Big Sky feel like coming home.

“We want you to feel like you’re coming home, and we say it to owners and guests alike,” Hannah Willer, director of operations at Ascend Properties, said. “I think we nail it for the most part. I think when people get off the plane, drive an hour through the canyon, and are awed at the beauty of Lone Peak, they can relax, and it just feels like home. Everything’s prepared for them: lights are on; the music’s playing; the fire’s going; it’s a warm place. They can just enjoy themselves.”

Ascend is more than a property management company; they are deeply rooted in the local community. The Ascend team is composed of individuals who genuinely love Big Sky. This local connection translates into a passion for maintaining the community’s integrity and ensuring that only the best people are involved in managing your property.

“Two of our property managers grew up here and came back to call it home after college,” Adam Farr, founder and managing partner of Ascend Properties, said. “They work with us, they love the community, and we are committed to keeping the highest quality team members with us year-round.”

The company’s commitment to the Big Sky community shines through their support of initiatives like Women of Winter, as well as continuous dedication to preserving the unique charm and character of Big Sky as it continues to evolve.

“We’re also focused on making sure our community continues to grow and flourish,” Willer said. “And it is a community. I think as Big Sky grows, there’s a lot of concern about the feel of Big Sky and how it’s been changing. It’s something that we really care about, just making sure that we maintain that sense of community while more and more people are coming in and getting to experience just how wonderful it is.”

Having lived in Big Sky for more than 18 years, Farr exemplifies the connection between Ascend and the community. His personal investment in Big Sky reflects the company’s commitment to not only managing properties but also being an integral part of the vibrant local life. 

“Adam’s a big part of the community, and I think that’s a huge selling point,” Willer said. “Not only did he raise his two kids here, he has also been coaching the Lone Peak football team for the past decade. The community aspect that Ascend Properties has established, and just growing locally with people that you have relationships with, is huge.”

Ascend takes a strategic approach to property management, ensuring that every property in their portfolio is suited to be a vacation rental. This commitment to quality over quantity ensures the continuous success of the business. 

“Here’s the deal – we’re all about keeping Big Sky awesome for generations to come, so we’re particular,” Farr said. “We decline properties better suited for long-term renting to locals. Instead, we are dedicated to managing luxury vacation spots that let you dive headfirst into all that we have on tap here in Big Sky.”

Choosing Ascend is choosing a boutique experience. Ascend’s mid-sized business structure allows the team to provide the attention to detail and personalized service that distinguishes them from other property management companies in Big Sky. 

“It’s similar to when you choose a boutique hotel when traveling to destinations such as New York City or Vail,” Farr said. “You expect a certain level of care and attention to detail. That’s exactly what we are all about. Our local team is always on their ‘A-game’ and ready to deliver top-notch service at every turn.”

This meticulous attention to detail ensures that each property is managed with care and precision, offering every owner and guest the peace of mind that comes with a local team dedicated to their unique needs. 

“We focus locally,” Farr said. “When somebody is looking at rentals, working with a local management company is important to them because they can call us, and they can ask us questions like ‘Where do you like to go out to eat?’ Or, they know if a maintenance issue occurs in the middle of the night, we’re going to answer the call and be there in minutes.”

Ascend Properties is not just managing properties, they are curating experiences for both guests and owners. Elevate your Big Sky experience with Ascend Properties, where boutique-level service meets community, ensuring every stay feels like a return to home.