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Our local knowledge benefits owners and guests

By Patrick Straub

Two Pines Properties co-owner Wes Hoecker may give you the shirt off his back to provide the best possible service, but he’d rather give you his three-piece suit.

“Big Sky is a small community and we love it here,” says Hoecker who owns and operates Two Pines Properties with his wife, Alex. “It was a dream come true for Alex and I to have a home in Big Sky and when meeting a homeowner or hearing their story, I will first and foremost assume that this is a dream come true for them,” adds Wes.

A few weeks ago, a guest at one of Two Pines Properties’ vacation rentals realized that he had packed in such a hurry that he had left his suit back home, which he needed for a Zoom call. When the guest arrived in Big Sky and realized what he’d done, he immediately called the Two Pines office.

“We got the call,” says Wes, “and I drove back to my house, grabbed one of my own suits, and lent it to him for his entire stay. From the time he called us to when I delivered the suit was less than thirty minutes. We’re here. I’m here. It is our local roots that our guests and owners find so valuable.”

Like many successful businesses—Two Pines has been voted Best of Big Sky’s best property management company for the past two years—the Hoecker’s started small. With a single condo less than ten years ago to one of the area’s most respected and sought-after property management companies.

Like hustling to get a suit for a guest in need, the attention to personal service is core to Wes and Alex. Wes has been in the hospitality industry since high school, starting at a guest ranch in the Colorado Rockies. Now as co-owner of the business, he is intimately in tune with the needs of property owners.

“If the right vacation rental is key to a great vacation, the right property management company is even more crucial to a property owner,” says Wes. “National companies are about bottom dollar. They want to just rent your house out and cycle it on through as much as possible. We’re different. We want to know your preferences. We want to know who you are. We want to know your family. Our motto of ‘Guest into Friends, and Friends into Family’ has been the motto from day one. And it’s paid off.”

With a family background in business marketing and charting one’s own path, Alex’s marketing savvy allows her to visit an owner’s property and quickly create an audience of potential vacationers for the property. Once the owners agree to list it for rental, the full court press of Two Pines’ marketing talents goes to work.

“Our staff loves bringing new properties into our rental pool,” she says. “Every property we book is unique and our staff works to showcase that for our owners. From creating the listing on our website to booking it for guests, our local knowledge helps guests and owners throughout the process.”

For property owners, the Hoecker’s have assisted owners in setting reasonable expectations in occupancy rates, maintenance costs, and a rental strategy specific to the home’s location.

“A condo in the meadow is going to have a completely different rental strategy than a ski-in, ski-out property near the base of Big Sky Resort,” adds Alex. “Both are great properties for owners and guests. Because we live and work here and experience both areas every day, we have insider knowledge of the various locations in the area.”

“The way we protect the investment for homeowners is we look at all the issues,” says Wes. “If a washer and dryer goes out, we will have record of how many times it has gone out, how old it is, what the cost of the part is, and weigh our options and move on from there.”

Like a property owner desiring the most bang-for-the-buck in having a vacation rental, a visitor also wants assurance their choice of property will enhance their experience. With a trained and dedicated staff, the Hoeckers know guest’s expectations will be met, and often exceeded around the clock.

“When a homeowner or client hears we are taking care of their guests, they really enjoy that,” says Alex. “When we write our guests hand-written notes and check-in with guests, the owners feel like they are part of the Big Sky experience for their guests. Plus, our ‘After Hours’ service ensures guests are tended to around the clock.”

Above the front door threshold into the Two Pines Properties office reads a sign that states, ‘We don’t just host people on vacation. We help celebrate anniversaries, completed bucket list items, family reunions, more mountain time and less screen time.”

“For us, it’s so much more than ensuring a clean, comfortable, and safe space for guests,” Alex says. “It’s about showcasing our incredible town to people across the globe and providing exceptional service while doing so.”

The team at Two Pines Properties knows what it takes to win the best property management company award and if they keep at this pace, year three is probably a lock.

For more information and to meet Wes and Alex, visit their website and watch the Two Pines Properties video.