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Views: Why we’re here

Try, for a moment, to recall your first minutes in Big Sky.

Rounding the corner on Lone Mountain Trail near the intersection of Highway 191, you pass by the resident herd of salt-licking rams—known, in some local circles, as the “Bachelor Party”—and realize that unlike many ski town peers, this place has some wild still left in it.

Your thoughts begin to drift to the towering, pyramid-esque mountain you’ve heard so much about; imagining what it feels like to careen down it’s pillowed and steep faces is a common occurrence, so you’re not alone there. But no Google Image search can adequately prepare anyone for what awaits just around the bend.

It’s a flooring experience, witnessing a snow-covered Lone Mountain set against a powder blue backdrop. The mountain calls and we answer and we fall in love in an instant.

For most, it’s a moment where conversation stops and you’re arrested by the view. Within a few days’ time, that initial impression is sustained by face-shot powder, picturesque canyon vistas, fly fishing and the countless trails and backpacking opportunities within a stone’s throw.

If it’s not already under consideration, the thought manifests: I could live here.

And it started with a view.

That’s the essence of VIEWS., a publication that serves to celebrate two milestones—those unforgettable seconds approaching Big Sky; and the culminating event of joining its growing and dedicated community situated along the base of the mountain.

With a focus on the real estate market in our town, supplemented with Big Sky living and lifestyle pieces, VIEWS.—published three-times per year—aims to remind even longtime residents of the roots of their love affair with the beautiful landscapes and people of our community.

The VIEWS. team remembers well the earliest days of our own lives in Big Sky, the magic of its novelty, and as we all work to make the town a little better, day by day, year by year, we know some of our readers will soon join us in that pursuit.

At the very least, we’ll see you on the hill. Cheers to Big Sky and the VIEWS. that make it all possible.

– The Editors